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About the Artist…

Doug Scott's life-long pursuit of art makes his sculpture like none other. It reflects his love of the outdoors as keenly as it reflects his understanding of the human condition. Witness the power behind a dancer consumed with her art; the sadness and poignancy of a Vietnam soldier writing home; the visible tenderness between a mother and a baby; or the eagle soaring in mid-flight.

Doug's first exhibition was his fourth grade "show and tell."

At first his teacher accused him of lying—he couldn't possibly have sculpted those seals himself—but seeing his obvious sincerity, she spoke to the children in the class. "Each of you should come up, one at a time, and handle these sculptures—hold them, feel them, and remember them. One day Doug will be famous."

Today, this prolific sculptor has created more than 500 unique works of art in his studio high in the mountains above Taos, New Mexico. His reputation continues to grow and he is widely recognized as one of the country's leading contemporary sculptors.


Thousands of people each year enjoy this Doug Scott sculpture of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans at their museum in Branson, MO.


" favorite sculpting happens when I am challenged by a "portrait" exact work of a specific person...I love to hear their voice while I sculpt...revealing their personality in my art... their hopes, their joys, their loves, their fears."

Doug Scott